Academic uprightness is an important factor for tanMatics. By enrolling in our online tutoring or any of the tanMatics services, you agree to follow the honor code, which we have created to ensure the best studying experience for all students.

Members of tanMatics team commit to produce their academic work with full integrity, in terms they will use an appropriate collection of data, transparent acknowledgment of other's ideas and views. Cheating and dishonesty as in someone's data as own, falsifying data comes under the rule violation. Strict action will be taken against those who do not stand out for our learning standards. For the most part, those who practice the code are treated with kindness, respect and consideration. In order to remain compliant, it is important that one strictly follow the rules.

If any student found guilty, in terms of rule violation set by us, may be asked to leave without a refund. You are bound to follow our terms and conditions, including user conduct policy, and community code of conduct. You are self-responsible for your entire act while participating in online tutoring or any other service.